Powered by Innovation. Protecting security of consumers, businesses and the Internet infrastructure has never been more difficult. We work with you to create innovative solutions to enhance your cybersecurity landscape.

Who we are

Authenta Tech Solutions is a Cybersecurity and IT-based consulting firm that specializes in providing security solutions to federal, state, local, and commercial customers nationwide. We are a certified woman-owned, small business that provides full-scope cyber security solutions customized to your organization.

With a team of highly trained IT professionals, we hold major industry standard certifications and designations to match our many years of experience. Providing top-quality service is important to us and we prioritize you always. We are on the frontier of using cybersecurity technologies to secure mission platforms and with your organization’s information security and compliance in mind, we utilize our customized processes to align your business operations and governance processes.

Our goal is to ensure that your organization’s information system is secure, is compliant with regulatory standards and stays compliant.

DUNS 117478122
NAICS 541519, 541618, 541690, 541511, 541512, 541513

Jacqueline Williams, CISM
CEO and Founder

Powered by Innovation. Driven by Security. Designed for Tomorrow.
A changing world needs evolving technology. We ensure that your Information System is protected against threats & attacks by upholding the CIA triad and providing a full scope of Security services.

Authenta Tech Solutions, LLC

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